"When the wind of change blows, some build walls, others build windmills"

Chinese Proverb

I offer therapy, coaching and counselling to the international community in the metropolitan area of Nuremberg/Erlangen. Apart from my psychotherapy training I can relate to the problems and issues arising from “living abroad”, as I have spent most of my life doing just that. As a child I attended schools in Rangoon and Kabul where my father worked for a large corporation, later I moved to live in Australia and spent nearly twenty years living in London, hence I am fluent in the English language. I have worked on projects in the US, Jamaica and many European Countries including France, Spain, Belgium, the UK and I have visited more countries, like Japan, Russia, Poland, the Middle East, as a touring sound engineer. I would like to provide a welcoming atmosphere to those who feel they can benefit from therapeutic support in the English language.

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English language Psychotherapy, Counselling and Coaching for Individuals, Couples and Families.

Psychotherapy can provide an effective support for those who, for a multitude of reasons, feel that they cannot cope any longer by themselves with the mental, psychological or spiritual conflicts of day-to-day living. It gives structure, in order for the client to come out of this crisis, strengthened.

Further the desire to enhance the quality and joy of life is often a reason for people to seek therapeutic assistance or coaching. Transitions, change, lack of contact, loneliness, old age, the choice of a professional career or the end of working life can be challenges to us that can often be mustered more satisfyingly with a little outside perspective.

Every person knows best, what is important, effective and right for him or her. I try to offer my clients perspectives from which they can look at their situation afresh and see the solution within the problem in order for them to formulate a positive angle. Lead by the potential, with the solution of the problem and the aim of the consultation constantly in view, we work together in order to transform the momentary crisis and bring about the desired change in the situation. In this process the body always provides precise pointers and turns out to be a sensitive instrument in judging reality.

Beyond that I am, as a couple therapist, always interested in the messages our relationships and relating are sending us.

If we pay attention to how we live our relationships, we can learn a lot about our mental and spiritual situation. Here, I am not only talking about our intimate relationships, but our day-to-day contacts at work, school or in the family.

In this context I have often been able to observe, that those who pay attention to their relationships also benefit on the psychological level. Vice versa we can also notice, that those who take care of their souls will see their relationships flourish and be filled with new life.


The chance of a crisis lies in the recognition of the necessary and overdue changes the soul wants to point out to us.

Illustration einer Gruppe von Männern im Gedankenaustausch

Not without my father!

Ongoing group for men of all ages who want to embrace growth and change in their lives.

Playful, curious, focussed on the potential, light hearted and to the point.

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Ingo Vauk

Therapy works!

Having lived and worked most of my adult life in London, I offer therapy to the english speaking community in the Erlangen/Nuremberg area. Follow the link for more, or give me a call.

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Illustration, Mann und Frau einander abgewand

Sexual Grounding Therapy® in Germany!

I am very pleased that we are, for the first time, organizing a SGT® workshop, Coursework Level I in Germany.

More information on the German SGT® Website, or the international SGT® Website